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(MYSTERY) Dr Seltzer Hard On Helper Where to Buy


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(Skype Video Transcript. Carlo Adrian, Freelance Writer. Danny Russo, Private Detective.)

Carlo Adrian This topic is Doctor, transcriber, please spell out D R. So that is “D-R Seltzer Hard On Helper Where to Buy.”

Before consumers look Where To Buy Hard On Helper, you want to take the step back.

Danny Russo : It’s very suspicious. I mean, there is no other way to say it.

We have to tell the consumers. Whether there are fake Five Star Reviews for Hard On Helper. What reviews do you believe? What reviews not to believe?

Carlo : Let’s get into it. 87% of the Hard On Helper Amazon Reviews are highly suspicious.

They are from Hard On Helper reviewers with quoting “overrepresented participation.”

This is the verified claim of an independent consumer protection analytics company. Danny you found this –

Danny : Review Meta. I developed this lead and presented to your people.

Carlo : So. Review Meta (unintelligible) independent Internet analytics company. Consumer protection. We cannot control –

Danny : We have no connection with Review Meta. Full disclosure.

So, anytime with investigations… You use different methods to investigate and verify.  You pull third party analytics, legal documents –

Carlo : -so this is not just our opinion. This is an independent company saying it.

For the consumer protection, to consider the possibility of widespread  fake five star Amazon reviews of the Doctor Seltzer Hard On Helper –

(Cross Talk)

Danny : Yes. At the same time, you have a bunch of 1 Star Amazon Reviews. Talking about headaches –

Carlo : Talking about the Hard On Helper Headaches. When they say on the label to quote transcriber, “We have No Headaches” (laughing)

Consumers who bought the Hard On Helper saying, “All kinds of Headaches.”

Danny : I am a consumer of supplements. But you’ve written about male supplements.

So, do you see, Carlo, this kind of bizarre mix? With other products? The 5 Star Reviews mixed with 1 Star Reviews about dangerous side effects.

Carlo : That is good question. No. As a reviewer, I never see this kind of crazy mix. Usually in the middle. You know either it works or doesn’t.

One pill I know a lot about is the Verectin Male Enhancement Pill. Reviews everywhere, on Amazon, but you don’t see this crazy mix –

Danny : To the consumers, I think we are pointing out that something suspicious is going on. I mean, they can see themselves.


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