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(MYSTERY) Hardon Helper Amazon

(MYSTERY) Hardon Helper Amazon

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(Skype Video Transcript. Carlo Adrian, Freelance Writer. Danny Russo, Private Detective.)

Carlo Adrian : The consumers will know the Viagra is medical pharmaceutical drug.

Danny, is there special rule on the Amazon Prime where product can claim you are an Over the Counter drug?

Danny Russo : You absolutely need to licensed to prescribe Viagra. Even if the company is legally domiciled in the State of Florida. You must be a medical doctor.

I mean, I made sure to vet this 3 different ways, starting with my source who checked with the Florida Board of Medicine.

As if we needed to ask, because this product claim of Over the Counter Viagra is unheard of.

But my source down there, you know – absolutely, you need a medical license to dispense Over the Counter Viagra on Amazon Prime –

Carlo :  – I review the male enhancement pills all the time. I have never seen an herbal pill claim to be Viagra –

Danny : – it’s shocking. There is no doubt –

Carlo : – the first thing a consumer might wonder, how is Jeff Bezos allowing this on Amazon Prime . Have you been able to get a comment from Jeff Bezos-

Danny :  – from Bezos personally, as to this Hardon Helper Viagra Amazon Prime product claim? No,  I am not able –

Carlo : – so even the great Danny Russo cannot get Jeff Bezos on the phone (laughing). That is okay –

Danny : – (laughing)  but no one reading this will probably be able to either – look, the guy is worth 100 billion dollars OK. But give me some time.

Carlo : – ok, we will give you some time to get Jeff on the phone –

Danny : – but I do have a source at Amazon. And she told me Amazon,  has hundreds of these supplements. I sent her the link, and she could not believe –  she did say “Jeff would not be happy about this” –

Carlo :  – Jeff Bezos this is not acceptable to Amazon –

Danny : – absolutely would not be acceptable to Jeff Bezos.

In her words, she said something to the effect of, “We are not running a corner gas station here” –

Carlo :  – I want to mention Google Ads will not approve Hardon Helper for direct advertising.

Danny : Correct. The Google Ads Division will not approve the Hard On Helper website for direct advertising –

Carlo : – the Hard On Helper Website. For online consumers, there are many strange and, we have to say, even disturbing things going on with that website. Which we will get to soon here –

Danny : – to return to this Amazon subject for the moment, my source did inform me… and we need to mention this for consumer safety.

For consumer safety, Amazon has a disclaimer they are not responsible for a product’s claims –

Carlo : – and this important point for consumers. You can buy these pills on Amazon.

But Amazon is not there to protect you from product claims. Amazon has no liability if you are suckered in or fooled –

Danny :  – Amazon is a good company. But that is correct. Amazon is disclaiming any liability for what the merchandiser…

Here in this case the Hardon Helper claiming to be Viagra over the counter, these dangerous product claims.

Carlo : And this together with the Fake 5-Star Amazon Reviews, that we have to think Hardon Helper has rigged the Amazon Review system. Unbelievably, but seems to be case.

And the Hardon Helper side effects customers are claiming.


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